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  • What is the difference between international logistics and domestic logistics?


    International logistics is an international commodity transaction or exchange that physically moves materials to overcome the spatial and temporal distances between production and consumption when production and consumption are carried out independently in two or more countries. Activities to comple Read More

  • What is a freight forwarder? The answer form Chinese freight forwarder company


    What is a freight forwarder? The answer form Chinese freight forwarder companyWhen importing goods from China or other countries, importers usually have to use the services of freight forwarders. Freight forwarders agents or freight forwarders companies are mainly involved in organizing the transpor Read More

  • What is freight shipping? Freight forwarder company tell you


    Freight shipping is the transportation of bulk goods by road, multimodal transport (rail and road), ship, or air. Freight shipping transportation is an indispensable part of the operation of many e-commerce enterprises, especially when it comes to international transportation.Freight shipping transp Read More

  • Is customs clearance the same as customs declaration?


    After the reform and opening up, China entered the global economy. With the rapid growth of import and export trade volume, it has gradually become an indispensable economic system globally. In import and export trade, all goods leaving the country (export) and entering (import) should be declared t Read More

  • 9 Basic Processes for Ocean Export Shipping Work (CIF/CFR)


    9 Basic Processes for Ocean Export Shipping Work (CIF/CFR)Enterprises engaged in seaborne import and export business must master the basic process of seaborne export transportation. Then, what is the basic process of seaborne export transportation? This article introduces the transaction on the term Read More

  • How To Import Packaging Machine From China?


    As a new importer, do you want to know how to import a suitable packaging machine as easily and professionally as other experienced importers? We’ve dedicated this article to help you. It will take you through a simple process of importing packaging machines from China. How easy is it to import a pa Read More

  • BaoHan-Your Reliable Logistic Partner


    Foreword: With the improvement of global economicization, the compression of time and space brought by technological progress, and the upgrading of people's life needs, the international supply chain has become an indispensable core link in the global high-end industry.I. Company introductionBaohan Read More

  • Shock! The shortage of containers may last until 2022!


    Brand new fermentation lid natural customized wood lid for jars and bottles. Read More

  • The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Transtainer


    What Is A Transtainer?Transtainer is a large crane known as RTG used for unloading and loading containers onto the trucks or store the containers on top of each other at the container yard.A TranstainerWhat Are The Features Of A Transtainer?Well, the transtainer has the following features:It has a s Read More

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