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The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Transtainer

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What Is A Transtainer?

Transtainer is a large crane known as RTG used for unloading and loading containers onto the trucks or store the containers on top of each other at the container yard.

A Transtainer

A Transtainer

What Are The Features Of A Transtainer?

Well, the transtainer has the following features:

  • It has a simultaneous drive motion

  • A unique Liebherr’s eight rope reeving anti-sway system

  • The structure is robust, rigid

  • It has a directly driven travel system

  • One gantry drive per comer

  • A gantry aligns steer

What Is The Importance Of Using A Transtainer?

Transtainer is usually important, with its advanced technology to load and unload containers you get to saves a lot of time and cost at the yard.

 Transtainers Are Important As They Save On Time And Energy

Transtainers Are Important As They Save On Time And Energy

What Are The Main Components Of The Transtainer?

Transtainer has different components with it below are few;

  • A high structural steel tensile

  • Self-power trolley, which will ensure precise positioning

  • Simultaneous motions to help increase productivity.

  • Safety and performance anti-collision for improvement of safety productivity

  • The ergonomic driver cabin is designed for driver productivity and comfort in mind and also reduces fatigue.

  • A modular driver system

  • Choices of power

Do You Provide Parts In Case The Transtainer Is Broken?

Yes, we do provide spare parts for broken transtainer. In case you may require the spare parts contact our customer care to order for the parts.

What Is The Recommended Weight Capacity For Transtainer?

The recommended weight capacity for a transtainer is typically 0.5 tones to 350 tones.

What Are The Advantages Of Transtainer?

Transtainer has the advantage of;

  • It has advanced technology that helps to make work easier during loading and unloading containers.

  • Transtainer is efficient and safe with diesel engine over speed, higher water temperature indicators, overload protection and many more.

  • Operating transtainer is comfortable since it got every control system in a centralized place.

  • Transtainer is environmentally friendly since there is no noise and air pollution in the yard.

  • Another advantage is that the transtainer is usually cost-effective.

How Do You Operate The Transtainer?

Well, we generally have three methods of operating the transtainers

  • Cab control requires a professional driver specializing in cranes to drive and control the transtainer.

  • Remote control here you will also need a professional transtainer operator to control your crane using a remote control.

  • Stick control here you will need a professional operator to control the transtainer with a hand switch and walk with a travelling crane.

You will choose any of the above three methods to operate your transtainer, and our customer care is also available anytime for assistance.

What Are The Types Of Transtainers Are Available?

The following are some of the transtainer available;

  • Cable reel transtainer

  • Hybrid transtainer

What Is The Cost Of A Transtainer?

The average cost of a transtainer is $1.44 million.

What Are The Difference Between Single Transtainer And Double Transtainer?

Single transtainers are cranes used to load and unload cargo located outdoor. Its structure looks typically like a door frame, they have a single rail, as the name suggests.

On the other hand, a double transtainer has double rails or two rails, which help load and unload the cargo. The double transtainer is more advanced compare to the single transtainer.

Do You Offer Manuals For Transtainers?

Yes, we do offer manuals for all our clients.

What Are The Difference Between Low And High Profile Transtainer?

The difference between the two is that the high profile is a transtainer where the boom is hinged towards the waterside of the crane structure.

These will make it easy for the ship to navigate and the transtainer to load or unload quickly.

While lower-profile transtainer, the boom is usually shuttled over and towards the ship, which allows the trolley to load and unload.

Does Your Transtainer Have A Warranty?

Yes, our transtainers have a warrant of 20 years.

How Long Will It Take To Deliver A Transtainer?

Okay, for your transtainer to be delivered, it will take 50-60 working days from the time you place your order.

How Much Space Do You Require To Install Transtainer?

We do have unique products for different clients. You need to inform us of the size of your workshop and where you need the transtainer to be installed.

Our engineers will come up with a customized solution for you.

The Size Of Your Workshop Will Influence The Space The Transtainer Will Occupy

The Size Of Your Workshop Will Influence The Space The Transtainer Will Occupy

How Do You Pack The Transtainer?

It will all depend on the type of transtainer you have chosen. But we usually pack the transtainer body on a waterproof, high-quality plastic woven cloth.

For other parts remaining, we do pack them on a plywood box that is of high quality.

Do You Provide Professional Assistance To Help In Transtainer Installation?

Yes, we do provide professional assistance to help in your transtainer installation. We usually send one of our staff to help and supervise the installation or your transtainer.

They typically come once you have confirmed the receipt of your shipment.

Do You Have A Maintenance Guide For Transtainer?

Yes, we provide the booklet’s maintenance guide, which is usually packed inside the parts plywood box. We recommend you first read the booklet and understand it before your transtainer is installed.

What Should You Do If The Transtainer Has A Breakdown?

If your transtainer breaks down, we suggest you call us immediately to know where the problem is.

Or you might call a professional specialist of transtainer to come and check where the problem is and fix it.

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