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Thailand overseas warehouse

Thailand Overseas Warehouse

Baohan Thailand's overseas warehouse has an e-commerce warehouse of 10,000+ square meters. The scope of services involves opening a store, payment collection and warehousing, picking, express delivery, COD payment collection, return and exchange processing, overseas government legal issues, etc. One-stop services such as small package shipping from China to Thailand, opening lazada, shopee corporate stores, and lazmall and shopee malls.
Baohan has a self-developed IT team to provide customers with an OMS order warehousing system for free. Can provide the platform to automatically pull face orders, real-time inventory management, and order management. Help customers improve efficiency, accuracy, and reduce operating costs.
Baohan Overseas Warehouse has an account with 50 million followers of TIKTOK, becoming the first in the ranking of Thailand's MCN institutions. Shopee's official live broadcast service provider provides promotional and marketing services for brands such as Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, thisshop, and Little Bee. We can help you attract traffic off-site, off-site advertising, off-site live broadcast sales services. Committed to providing comprehensive and personalized integrated marketing services for brands to help quickly improve brand image.
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