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  • Q Related Expenses?

    A The cost of special lines and different goods in different countries is different. Need to communicate with customer service personnel in detail.
  • Q Baohan aging period?

    A 1. Thailand S pecial L ine
    Shipping time limit: 12-15 days
    Land transportation time limit: 4-7 days
    2. Philippines S pecial L ine
    Shipping time: 15-18 days
    Air transportation time limit: 3-5 days
    3. Indonesia S pecial L ine
    Shipping time: 18-25 days
    Air transport time limit: 7-15 days
  • Q What is Baohan's business scope?

    A 1. China-Thailand S pecial  L ine (sea transportation, land transportation, overseas warehouse service)
    2. China-Philippines S pecial L ine (sea, air, overseas warehouse services)
    3. China-Indonesia S pecial  L ine (sea, air, overseas warehouse services)
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