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9 Basic Processes for Ocean Export Shipping Work (CIF/CFR)

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9 Basic Processes for Ocean Export Shipping Work (CIF/CFR)

Enterprises engaged in seaborne import and export business must master the basic process of seaborne export transportation. Then, what is the basic process of seaborne export transportation? This article introduces the transaction on the terms of CIF or CFR, which the seller arranges. When shipping, the basic process of sea export shipping works.

In the case of a CIF or CFR conditional transaction, the basic flow of seaborne export transportation is as follows.


1. Review the shipping terms in the letter of credit

after receiving the letter of credit, to make the shipment work smoothly, it is necessary to review the relevant shipping terms in the letter, such as the shipping period,

Settlement period, port of shipment, port of destination, whether it can be transshipped or shipped in batches, and whether to specify the shipping company, ship name, ship registry, and ship class

Some incoming documents require various proofs, such as route certificates, registry certificates, etc. For these terms and regulations, they should be based on our

National policies, international practices, whether the request is reasonable and or can be achieved, etc., to consider accepting or making a request for modification.

2. Stocking and inspection

That is, according to the provisions of the export transaction contract and the letter of credit about the variety, specification, quantity, packaging, etc. of the goods, on time,

Prepare the export goods that should deliver according to the quality and quantity, and do an excellent job applying for inspection and obtaining certificates. Refrigerated goods should do an excellent job of cooling down,

To ensure that the specified temperature requirements are met during shipment. In my country, all commodities listed in the "category list" stipulated by the commodity inspection agency and

According to the letter of credit, the trade contract stipulates that the commodities with the certificate issued by the commodity inspection agency must fill in the "Export Inspection" before an export declaration.

Inspection Application Form" to apply for commodity inspection. Some export commodities need to be weighed, and some need to undergo animal and plant quarantine or health and safety inspections.

Must be completed in advance to obtain a qualified inspection certificate. Do the preparations before shipment, and the cargo certificates are complete, you can

Handle consignment work.

3. Consignment booking

After preparing the export consignment note, you can go through the entrusted booking procedures with the freight forwarder. According to the specific requirements of the cargo owner, the freight forwarder will

After the routes are sorted, book the space with the shipping company or its agent in time. The cargo owner can also book space directly with the shipping company or its agent. when the ship.

The company or its agent signs the bill of lading, and the booking work is completed, which means that the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier has been completed.

4. Insurance

After the goods have been booked, the seller's insurance can go through the insurance procedures for the cargo transportation insurance. The amount of insurance is usually.

The CIF price of the invoice is added for insurance (the amount of the mark-up is agreed by the buyer and the seller, if there is no agreement, the insurance is generally increased by 10%).

5. Cargo concentrated port area

The shipper will complete the consolidation according to the port purchase notice and within the specified time limit when the ship's arrival loading plan is determined.

Procedures will transport the export goods to the port area in time to concentrate, waiting for loading, so that the batches, the number of pieces, and the signs are unmistakable. Pay attention to special.

keep close contact with the port area, shipping company, and related transportation companies or railways, etc.; complete the purchase on time, prevent

Stop the work out of line and affect the progress of the shipment. 6. Customs declaration work

After the goods are concentrated in the port area, the prepared export goods declaration form, loading list, invoice, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, and foreign.

The export contract, foreign exchange verification form, and other relevant documents are declared to the customs for export. The ship can be loaded after the customs officers inspect and release the goods.

7. Shipping work

customs on behalf of the ship that before loading the ship, the tally staff collects the loading list & the receipt list of the goods released

According to the stowage plan and manifest, the cargo will be received and loaded in batches. During the loading process, the freight forwarder entrusted by the shipper should be on-site to supervise the loading.

Stay on top of shipment progress and deal with ad hoc issues. After the loading is completed, the tally team leader should sign the receipt with the ship's chief mate

order and hand it to the shipper. If the tally clerk finds that a particular batch is defective or poorly packaged, he will make an annotation on the receipt and sign it by the chief mate.

To determine the responsibility of both parties. However, as a shipper, you should try your best not to remark on the receipt to obtain a clean bill of lading.

8. After the shipment is completed, the shipper can exchange the shipment to the shipping company or its agent with the receipt and send the shipment notification to the consignee.

The bill of lading has been shipped, and the transportation work will come to an end.

9. Document making and settlement of foreign exchange

After the foreign exchange settlement documents stipulated in the contract or letter of credit have been prepared, within the validity period of negotiation stipulated in the contract or letter of credit,

Bank to pay bills and go through foreign exchange settlement procedures.

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