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Professional and dedicated to providing customers with international logistics supply chain solutions



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Professional and dedicated to providing customers with solutions to international logistics supply chain problems


International Shipping 

Professional sea freight FCL, sea freight LCL and sea freight services, refined cargo handling and stowagee


International land carriage 

Cross-border truck transportation in Southeast Asia runs uninterrupted day and night, and every country in Southeast Asia ends in one container.


International Air Freight

A full range of air transport logistics solutions provides a "one-stop" service of receiving, tallying, metering, customs declaration, picking up, warehousing, and distribution for export goods.


Built-in trailer

It has a super large highway transportation fleet, intelligent dispatching and dropping, real-time tracking and positioning throughout the whole process, and business covering all parts of the country


Customs clearance

Maintain good customs clearance records, and multiple customs clearance ports solve various difficult customs clearance problems for customers.


Cargo Insurance

According to the client's entrustment, the import and export cargo transportation insurance can be insured for the client.

We Provide Professional Logistic Service For You By 6 Steps

Provide professional and efficient complete logistics supply chain services for import and export customers

Why Choose Baohan

First-hand large estate, price concessions

Baohan directly cooperates with major airline companies and destination ports in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia to independently declare and clear customs, 
eliminate intermediary links, and provide customers with first-hand best prices.
Convenient and fast, time guarantee
Baohan directly cooperates with major airline companies, universal direct shipping, shortens voyage efficiency, improves transportation efficiency, and guarantees ultra-high timeliness.
Tailor-made, diversified services
Baohan has a wide range of business coverage, and can tailor transportation solutions according to customer needs, FCL (full container), LCL (less than container), bulk cargo tax refund, destination port order clearing and delivery, etc....FOB.CIF.DDU is available at any time. DDP and other multi-faceted cooperation modes.
Overseas warehousing and cross-border services
For the three major destination countries of Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, Baohan provides overseas local stores, accounting, tax filing, payment collection and warehousing, picking, one-piece delivery, COD payment collection, return and exchange processing, and overseas government legal affairs. Assisting in handling problems, e-commerce small package transportation and other full-link supporting services.
Autonomous system, highly transparent
Baohan has a strong IT technical team to provide customers with a logistics system that tracks the logistics and transportation trajectory throughout the process. Customers can have their own independent accounts and log in and check the delivery details of goods, bills, pictures of goods, payment status, etc. Multi-dimensional information, and account information can meet the advantages of high inventory, large information dimensions, and annual review.
Star products that meet a wider range of needs

Baohan E warehousing

Improve operation efficiency, save 
30%-60% of freight costs, and make the 
cargo mode safer

BSupply chain financial services

Solve the return of sellers' funds, reduce 
financial risks, and use dedicated e-
commerce freight channels

Covering southeast asia

Covering Southeast Asia, suitable for light 
and small items of cross-border e-commerce 
sellers, fast timeliness, and cost-effective

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Baohan International Logistics is a comprehensive international logistics supply chain company. Headquartered in Dongguan, China. After years of business development, the company currently has 285 employees. It has successively established branches in Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Guangzhou, Guangdong. And there are warehouses in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Jieyang, Chaozhou and other regions. We have reached long-term strategic cooperation with major airline companies, dedicated to providing professional and efficient complete logistics supply chain services for import and export customers.
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